Friday, July 6, 2012

My Alarm Clock Stinks

Do you guys ever have those days where it feels like, from the moment you wake up, you're messing up? It usually starts with your alarm not going off (which is what happened to me this morning). Then it follows with you being late to work / class (which is what happened to me this morning). Then you get to work and you realize that your clothes don't match and you forgot to bring coffee, let alone brush your teeth (which is what happened to me this morning). And then you feel like no matter what happens next, it's probably be bad; because this is just gonna be a BAD day.

Well folks, here we are. Having a bad day and trying to think of where to take this blog post. I could write about how there's a ton to be grateful for and waking up late really isn't that big of a deal and your boss or professor are not going to fire you or kick you out of class. PROBABLY it will be fine. Or I could write about how my last few days have been so awesome that it only makes sense that this would happen to me. People say you have to have a balance right?

But instead, this is what I have to say: life on your own can be really hard sometimes. And I don't just mean waking up late or messing up a little. Heads up to all of the incoming freshmen: life on your own can genuinely be HARD. It has responsibilities and it has pressures. I'd say about 90% of the time college is fun and happy and exciting and full of awesome. But that other 10% of time is filled with wishes that Mom was there and you wanting to quit school and work, and move to a beach where no one knows you and you can just sleep on the sand all day long. But you know what? That's totally okay.

Having a hard time means you're normal. It means you're average. And there's this terrible notion that it's not okay to be that way. We want to be above average; we want to be exceptional. Especially in college, right? You want to waltz into your classes first semester, have all of your professors praise you, make 50 new friends, and have people realize everything about you that you've been trying to express in high school for the past 4 years. Especially when we're young, we want to discover something about ourselves that makes us "above average". And maybe you will! But the fact of the matter is, "in order for some to be 'above average,' most have to be normal."

And though that doesn't sound like the most exciting life, it actually is. It's the surprising kind. The kind of life that's filled with ups and downs and laughter and frustrations. It's filled with the little, small adventures that you'll find in an every-day kind of experience. It's the blessed kind of life that most of us are probably going to lead; the one that I'm excited to lead. And though it may not feel like a blessing all the time, I am going to choose to take comfort in the fact that I'm normal. And this normal "bad day" I'm having will be counteracted with something good. Life is FULL of little daily pleasures. Even if sometimes they're buried beneath your failure of an alarm clock.

Quote and Inspiration by Ian Mathis


  1. To enjoy the sweets of life one should taste the bitterness of it. Hardships makes us stronger each time we overcome it. That makes life worth living enjoying your victory after the cruelty of it.

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