Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Nostalgia

Hey, hey, readers. How's it going? I hope April is serving all of you well -- here in Utah we're still dealing with snow, rain, and insane amounts of wind. What else is new, right?
Finals are coming up at Westminster. Next week is our LAST WEEK OF CLASSES. Ahhh! I can hardly believe it. Just one more week, finals, may term, and then it's time for summer. I love the summer (as you all should know by now). It's my absolute favorite time of the year and my favorite time in Salt Lake City. This summer I'll be interning downtown in the Operations department of Goldman Sachs. I'll be renting a house in Sugar House with my good friend Keni, who is graduating this June. Then, come September I'll be studying abroad in (drumrollllllllll........) Brno, Czech Republic. So there is lots and lots going on on my end. Mostly exciting stuff though.
With all of these changes arising, and a lot of my friends graduating this year, I've been feeling very nostalgic lately. I've been so blessed in my time at Westminster and I want to take this blog post to reflect on some of my favorite collegiate moments so far.
1. Living in a freshman style hall
Whenever I'm giving tours of the school I'm always like, "I'd absolutely recommend the freshman style halls for incoming students, blah, blah, blah..." and the people on the tour are like, "No way, Jose! I want my own bathroom." While I understand that desire, I can't help but hope that everyone has the cool experience I had my freshman year. Freshman style halls almost force you to get to know other students -- in a good way. I met so many guys and gals on Carleson 2 that I still love and hang out with now. This year I'm in a freshman style hall as an RA, and that's been equally amazing. Everyone is so supportive and involved with one another.
2. Being an RA
I've talked about this before. A lot. But being a Resident Advisor has truly defined my college experience. I think my favorite thing about it is that this position has introduced me to SO many people. I can't walk around campus and not see someone I know. I've made countless connections with the people and departments of Westminster. I've met my best friends in college because of my RA position.
3. Professors like Kim Zarkin
And by this I mean, Professors who are encouraging, intimidating, and inspiring -- all at the same time. Kim is my academic advisor, so she's my primary go-to person for questions about academics, internships, etc. But Kim has helped me in so many ways beyond that. Like the time she hugged me and helped me through an emotional breakdown that had NOTHING to do with school. And the time that she introduced me as a "absolutely charming" woman to a group of prospective students and their families. Kim has taught me a lot about a lot of different things, but I think the most important thing that she has taught me is how to recognize my strengths. And that it's okay to be proud of my accomplishments. Frankly, Kim helped me grow-up. And every time I get the opportunity to talk with her, I grow-up a little bit more.
4. Being featured on Becca's blog, nominated for the Peer Empowerment Award, and complimented on Westminster's Compliments page
All of these things have happened fairly recently, but were all very exciting moments for me. My friend, confidant, classmate, and co-worker, Becca Rettenberger, has an amazing blog (check it out here) on which she featured me as one of her top 5 lady crushes. If you know Becca, and you know of her awesomeness, you know what a huge honor this is. Someone also wrote an anonymous post about me on the Westminster Compliments facebook page, saying, "Not only is she beautiful and fun, she is one of the most intelligent, caring, genuine people I've ever had the fortune to meet." What?! Who are you, kind stranger? Let me hug you! And lastly, I was nominated for the Peer Empowerment award at Westminster's annual Student Leadership Gala. I didn't win, but it was such an honor to be nominated and so exciting to know that someone feels like I've empowered them in some way. Cool stuff.
5. Meeting Raquel Bernstein
Raquel is a perspective student, looking to study at Westminster next year. She was visiting the school recently and saw me working in the Admission's Office. When she asked me if she could tell me something strange I never thought her response was going to be, "I love your Westminster blog!" I was floored! I've never met a perspective student who reads this thing, and I doubt I'll ever meet one as sweet as Raquel. She was an absolute joy to have on campus, and I know that everyone who met her can't wait to see her around next year. So here's a shout-out to Raquel!

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  1. Your mom is more proud of you than you may ever know or understand. I love you.